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Intelligence and expertise, in software

  • Develop, test and manage powerful rule-based systems.
  • Forward Chain to infer new knowledge from existing knowledge.
  • Backward chain to perform goal-seeking.
  • Run sophisticated true multi-variable rule-driven goal seeking scenarios.
  • Run complex rulebases against large SQL based datasets.
  • Manage uncertainty with Certainty Factors.
  • Deploy applications across the Internet using Web Services.
  • Access Web Service served solutions from devices anywhere.
  • Integrate with your existing systems using the MyXProEngine DLL.

CRT Software brings rapid business rules prototyping, development, management and rule-based data analysis and software development technology to industry, commerce and education. Our flagship product, MyExpert Developer Professional+, delivers a powerful yet user-friendly environment for creating sophisticated rule-based systems.

We also develop rapid file and web search and comparison technology.

Founded by Christopher R. Talbot in 2006, CRT Software has prestigious clients in aerospace, education and government. CRT Software is based in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK and has a sales office in Newbury, Berkshire, UK.

Business Rules Management

MyExpert Developer Professional+

MyExpert Developer Professional+ provides extremely rapid prototyping, testing and deployment of business rule-based systems supporting ultra-fast Goal-Seeking, forward and backward chaining, uncertainty, multiple rule refraction strategies, a wide range of constrained and unconstrained data types, database lookup, runtime expression evaluation, and also new Desktop and Microsoft IIS hosted Webv Service deployment options.

The Data Dashboard provides access to external data sources such as SQL Server, MS Access and MS Excel, allowing rulebases to be 'run' against large datasets.

Developing powerful Business Rules based systems has never been simpler.


January 2013  |  CRT Software releases MyExpert Developer Professional+  |  Version 2.2